♪ Specifications:
“Farabi Composer” is a music notation software, with Persian notation abilities and containing Persian instruments sample bank. In addition to western music notation features, the capability of using Persian music elements has also been provided by this software. Persian and western instruments can be heard in real-time when writing pieces. Some of the important software features are as follow:
  • Creating and playing microtonal intervals such as sori and koron .
  • Ability of playing Persian scales such as Shur, Homayun, Chahargah and, etc.
  •  A Perisan instruments sample bank containing Tar, Kamanche,Santoor, Tombak and etc.
  •  Ability of running a numerous techniques of Persian instrument,sampled in different velocity layers.
  • Composing the pieces with Persian instruments ,western instruments and Symphony Orchestra.
  • Importing and exporting files in different formats from and to other softwares.
  • Adjusting and editing audio effects for any instrument and related techniques, one by one Tuning, and adjusting velocity and on-time and off-time offset each note.
  • Creating and editing the pieces in a very user-friendly environment.

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