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♪ Iranian Instruments:
  • Introducing the different instruments of Persian art music, such as : tar, setar, santur, ney, oud, kamanche, qaychak, qanun, tombak ,chanq, and robab in addition to an overall introduction to about 40 regional instruments of Iran
  • The history , structure, the new experiences, playing styles and a number of pictures of each discussed instrument as well as the biographies of its well-known players
  • The study of different styles of Persian music since the Qajar period to the present time.
  • A selection of western and Persian music theories.
  • More than 100 valuable historic clips, plays, photos of famous Iranian music masters.
  • More than 17 Hours video and audio samples and hundreds of Photos.
♪ Metronome:
  • Adjusting different simple, compound and irregular metric patterns.
  • Selecting sound of first beat.
  • Wide tempo range form (10-400) Bpm.
♪ Microtonal tone generator:
  • Tone generating cent by cent (up/down).
  • Adjusting the concert pitch (A435 to A445).
  • Accuracy : ±1 cent.
  • Audio samples of Iranian instruments (kemancheh, tombak, santoor, setar & tar)
♪ Melody & Scale maker and player:
  • Making all kinds of scales with accuracy ±1 cent.
  • Playing the scale and melody samples from different musical cultures.
  • Melody making with microtonal abilities.
  • Transpose of melody & scale by adjusting tonic, octave and cent.
  • Adjusting the concert pitch (A435 to A445).
  • Windows XP sp2, Vista, Server2003 sp2
  • Windows Media Player 10+
  • CPU 1.6+ GHz
  • 1.5 GB Free Space on Hard Disk(Only in version 1.0)
  • DVD Player

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